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apurgatorium_dr's Journal

Dressing Room for the RP apurgatorium
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one day, you wake up and find yourself alone.

It is dark, and it smells like ash and humidity. You wonder how you ended up here, in this wrecked shell of a city where the only signs of life are the shuffling you hear sometimes as you walk along the empty streets. Maybe feet: maybe those lights you spy from the shadows are not your imagination...

A gust of wind blows into your face, welcoming you into the City of Purgatorium. You are in the Suburbs. Looking up allows you to see lights on an above plate, apparently cleaner than the one you are on right now. Unfortunately, you feel that is not saying much, when the city you see around you is decrepit and destroyed, with abandoned buildings falling apart on themselves and no signs of reconstruction.

It starts raining and, to your horror, you realize that you were left without money or any supplies, that your powers have been stripped from you. You are completely defenseless in a foreign place, and it does not seem welcoming in the slightest.

You swallow and take a step, deciding on finding shelter, and eventually disappear into the darkness.

Purgatorium has swallowed you,

and there is no way back.

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